Anime List

This is my online archive list of anime. [NO LONGER UPDATED]

.Hack SIGN 01-28 [Vision-Anime]
2×2 Shinobuden 01-12 [Ayu]
3×3 Eyes 01-07 [a4e] (watched)
Adventure Kid 01-03 [vhs-video-rip] (watched)
Ah My Goddess 01-24 [AonE-AnY]
Angel Heart 01-20 + Trailer [Ani-Kraze] – (started on a bad note but it’s getting better with each episode) (watching)
Appleseed 2004 [Blitz-Anime]
Appleseed 2004 (H264, AC3 5.1) [KAA]
Azumanga Daioh 01-26 (H264, AAC) [KAA]
Bakuretsu Tenshi 01-24 [AonE]
Berserk 01-25 [a4e]
Black Jack Special 01-04 [Froth-Bite]
Black Jack TV 01-18 [Froth-Bite] – (currently stalled for later download)
Bleach 01-70 [Lunar-Anime] (watching)
Bleach 62 (h264) [Lunar-Anime] (watched)
Blood The Last Vampire [Vision-Anime]
Blue Gender The Warrior 01-02 [Blitz-Anime]
Blue Submarine No.6 01-04
Bubblegum Crash 01-03 [RETAIL]
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 01-08 [RETAIL]
Burn Up! Excess 01-13 [Anime-Fin]
Burn Up! W 01-04 [Anime-Fin]
Captain Herlock 01-13 + Extras [Vision-Anime]
CardCaptor Sakura 01-70 [Omega-Anime]
CardCaptor Sakura The Movie 01-02 [Omega-Anime]
Chobits 01-24 + Recaps 01-03 + Special [a4e]
Chrono Crusade 01-24 [Animeforever & Froth-Bite + Infusion]
Chrono Crusade 01-24 [Blitz-Anime]
Cooking Master Boy 01-52 [Anime-Keep] – (in Chinese ??? and missing the episode special, i’ve stalled this for later)
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie [RETAIL]
Cyber City Oedo 808 01-03 [DrD] (watched)
D.N. Angel 01-16 [Vision-Anime] – (currently stalled for later download)
Daphne In The Brilliant Blue 01-24 + Special 01-02 [Blitz-Anime]
DarkStalkers 01-04 [vhs-video-rip]
DearS 01-13 [LIME] (watched)
Divergence EVE 01-13 [Blitz-Anime]
Dominion Tank Police 01-02 [RETAIL] (watched)
Dragon Ball Z Movies 10 & 11 [Blitz-Anime]
Elfen Lied OAV (h264) [Anime-Fin]
Elfen Lied 01-13 [Blitz-Anime]
Fatal Fury – Legend of the Hungry Wolf [Psychlo-Anime] (watched)
Fatal Fury – The Motion Picture [vhs-video-rip] (watched)
Fatal Fury 2 – The New Battle [Psychlo-Anime] (watched)
FateOPs [anrp + insani] (watched)
Fighting Beauty Wulong 01-06 [LIME] (watching) – (this is soo cool everyone should watch it)
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children [H-S] (watched)
Final Fantasy 7 Last Order [H-S] (watched)
FLCL 01-06 (H264, AAC) [KAA]
Fruits Basket 01-26 [a4e] – (watched but incomplete due to rubbish story, it’s just that i’ve never really liked it)
Full Metal Panic TSR Prologue [Bakakozou]
FullMetal Alchemist 01-08 [Blitz-Anime] – (currently stalled for later download)
Fushigi Yuugi 01-26 [a4e]
Gasaraki 01-25 [AHQ]
Geneshaft 01-13 (H264, AAC) [KAA]
Genshiken 01-12 [Solar & Faith + A-Faith]
Genshiken 01-12 + Kujibiki Unbalance 01, 21 and 25 [LIME] (watched)
Ghost In The Shell [RETAIL]
Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence [RETAIL]
Girls Bravo 01-11 [Lunar-Anime]
Girls Bravo 01-11 [LIME]
Girls Bravo Second Season 01-13 [LIME]
Green Green OVA [ANBU-AonE]
Green Green TV 00-12 [AonE-Nandeyane]
Gungrave 01-26 [a4e]
Guyver 01-12 [aW]
Haibane Renmei 01-13 [KAA]
Hand Maid May 01-11 [AHQ]
Hellsing 01-13 [AHQ]
His And Her Circumstances 01-26 [LIME] (watched)
Honey and Clover 01-24 [C1]
Howl’s Moving Castle [Blitz-Anime] (watched)
Howl’s Moving Castle (H264, DTS) [KAA]
Hyper Police 01-25 [LIME]
Ichigo 100% 01-12 [yesy]
Ichigo Mashimaro 01-12 [AnY-Nanashi] – (current favourite) – (watched)
Idol Of Darkness [RETAIL]
Inuyasha 01-19 [Blitz-Anime] – (currently stalled for later download)
Jubei Chan The Ninja Girl 01-13 [a4e]
Kai Doh Maru [RETAIL]
Kakyuusei 1 01 [Faith & MnT]
Kakyuusei 2 01-13 [Lunar-Anime]
Key The Metal Idol 01-15 [a4e]
Kiddy Grade 01-24 [Anime-Supreme]
Kiki’s Delivery Service [RETAIL]
Kimagure Orange Road Pilot [Oppai] (watched)
Kimagure Orange Road TV 01-48 [Anime-Eternal]
King of Bandit Jing 01-13 [Vision-Anime] (watched)
King of Fighters – Another Day All Out 01-04 [Shinsen-Subs] + Trailer [Avalon] (watched)
Kino’s Travels 01-13 [KAA]
Kita-he Diamond Dust Drops 01-12 [Froth-Bite]
Last Exile 01-26 [Blitz-Anime]
Love Hina 01-25 [AHQ]
Love Hina Again 01-03 [AHQ]
Love Hina Spring + Christmas Specials [AHQ]
Lupin the 3rd Stolen Lupin [A-S + F-B]
Maburaho 01-08 [LIME] – (currently stalled for later download)
Mahoromatic S1 01-12 (AAC) [KAA]
Magic Knight Rayearth 01-12 [RETAIL] (watched)
Mahoraba Heartful Days 01-26 [Froth-Bite]
Makoto Shinkai shorts [CnC + Triad] (watched)
Melody Of Oblivion 01-24 [ANBU + AonE]
Midori no Hibi 01-13 (H264, VORBIS) [KAA]
Mind Game (H264, AC3) [KAA]
Mizuiro 2003 01-02 [no-name-losers or nnl]
Mouse 01-12 [a4e] (watched)
Naruto 01-132 [ANBU-AonE] – (currently stalled for later download) (watching)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind [Vision-Anime] (watched)
New Gall Force 01-03 [RETAIL]
NightWalker 01-13 [AHQ]
Ninja Scroll [dvdrip]
Ninja Scroll TV 01-13 [a4e]
Noein 01-05 + Promo [AnY-Nanashi] – (watched but subbing has been dropped)
Noir 01-26 [AHQ]
Onegai Twins 01-13 [a4e]
One Piece 001-003 Raw [UtelDivX]
Otaku no Video 01-02 OVA [Anime-Eternal]
Paranoia Agent 01-13 [Vision-Anime]
Perfect Blue [KAA]
Pia Carrot ~Sayaka’s Love Story~ [AOI & Lunar & Seikai]
Post Pet Momobin 01-18 [Mognet] (watched)
Princess Mononoke Special Edition [RETAIL] (watched)
RahXephon 01-26 [AHQ]
Read Or Die OVA 01-03 [Blitz-Anime] (watched)
Read Or Die OVA 01-03 [KAA]
Read Or Die TV 01-26 [a4e]
Rumic Theater 01-13 [Vision-Anime]
Saber Marionette J 01-25 [LIME]
Saber Marionette J Again 01-06 [LIME]
Saikano 01-13 [Blitz-Anime] (watched)
Saiyuki 01-50 [AHQ]
Sakura Diaries 01-12 [LIME]
Samurai Champloo 01-26 [Blitz-Anime] (watched)
Samurai Champloo 01-26 [Anime-Kraze]
Samurai Deeper Kyo 01-26 [Anime-Legion]
Samurai X: Reflection 01-02 [RETAIL]
Samurai X: The Motion Picture [RETAIL]
Samurai7 01-04 [Blitz-Anime] – (currently stalled for later download) (watching)
Samurai7 01-26 [Anime-Kraze]
Serial Experiments Lain 01-13 [KAA]
S-Cry-ed 01-26 [a4e]
SHUFFLE! 01-24 + On the Stage + Game Opening [AnimeU] – (2nd current favourite) (watched)
Shura no Toki 01-26 [a4e]
Someday’s Dreamers 01-12 [a4e]
Steamboy [RETAIL]
Stratos4 01-13 + OVA 01-02 + 4.1 Special [LIME]
Street Fighter Alpha [dvdrip] (watched)
Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie (uncut Japanese version) [dvdrip] (watched)
Tekkaman Blade 01-49 [Liquid-Anime]
Tekkaman Blade II 01-06 [a4e]
Tenjho Tenge 01-07 [Blitz-Anime] – (currently stalled for later download) (watching)
Tenjou Tenge 01-24 [AonE]
Texhnolyze 01-22 [Blitz-Anime]
Violence Jack 01-03 [RETAIL] (watched)
Voices of a Distant Star [RETAIL]
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 DX 01-06 [Choco]
Wild Arms 10-13 [LIME] – (hmm… currently thinking if I should download the rest of this)
Wolf’s Rain 01-30 [a4e]
Xenosaga the Animation 01-12 [C1]
Yumeria 01-12 [A-Keep]
Zone of the Enders: Idolo [Blitz-Anime] (watched)


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